About C4

Coach Cory LeclercC4 Rider Training is a dedicated group of racers guided by their coach and team captain, Cory Leclerc. Cory has been racing mountain bikes, motorcycles and bmx’s for over 20 years and brings a passion and love for the sport that is contagious to say the least.

C4 is based out of Squamish, working with local riders from the area including Whistler and the North Shore We also consult with many riders around the province of British Columbia. We are dedicated to helping riders achieve their goals using the BC Cup and local racing series’ as a learning platform.

With the 2015 race season well underway and the C4 athletes standing on the podium at the BC and Canada Cup series’, we are proud to say that we have assisted these athletes and their families.

If you want to get faster  – add a dash of C4 to your program!